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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Plain of Pillars

Before I started blogging I used to post to BBSs (online "forums") with some regularity. I still do from time to time. At each of the three that became hangouts for me, there was inevitably a poster who I disagreed with but came to respect; one can recognize an intelligent and fair-minded opponent even if one believes they’re usually dead wrong. Over at The Neutral Zone it was a guy named Demiurge, who with one well-made argument changed my position on National Missile Defense forever. In EverQuest’s NGD Forum it was Pravus; he and I were constant allies over there as long as the conversation didn’t turn to politics.

In my friend Chris O’Connor’s BookTalk forums, the role is increasingly filled by Niall. The guy is something of a liberal – which isn’t entirely his fault, being Foreignian and all – but he makes clear, civil arguments and is actually quite thoughtful. Some of his positions remind me a bit of Christopher Hitchens (which will probably appall him, but there it is). Anyway, Niall has started blogging: Plain of Pillars is his site, and it comes to you with The Zoo’s official stamp of approval … and a "Warning: Liberal Contents" label.

Go visit Niall’s site. Those who found our discussion on WP interesting will find more of his thoughts on the subject in this post. And I urge my more conservative readers to be civil if they visit Plain of Pillars; what you say there reflects on The Zoo as well as on yourself.