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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sidebar Changes

Just a quick notification about a couple changes to The Zoo's sidebar:

1) One of the "Five Great Causes" links is a floater; this year it has variously been for tsunami relief, hurricane relief, and earthquake relief. Now that the holiday season has rolled around, it will link to Tycho and Gabe's Child's Play Charity web site for the duration. You can count on that happening every year around this time.

2) Four blogs have been replaced on the blogroll: Arthur Chrenkoff quit blogging, as did Michelle of A Small Victory. Shane Moore of Liberty Dog has posted only once in the last five months, and the Freudian Slippers blog has disapeared completely. Replacing them are BlameBush! (satire), Conservative Punk (perhaps the blogosphere's best nonliberal punk site), Homocon (conservatism from a homosexual's perspective), and Iraq the Model (yes, I'm long overdue linking them).

BPCP update later today or tomorrow.