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Monday, November 07, 2005

Sex and Violence

Not a hell of a lot more to say on this one: NFL cheerleaders party in Tampa. NFL cheerleaders get really drunk. NFL cheerleaders get frisky in the bathroom. NFL cheerleaders go to jail. Actually, it’s not even the sex that lead to the arrest; getting it on in a bathroom stall isn’t illegal here in Tampa. However, punching other bar patrons is.

Carolina Panthers cheerleaders Angela Keathley and Renee Thomas apparently couldn’t wait to get back to their hotel for some quality time together, so they locked themselves in a bathroom stall at Banana Joe’s (that’s in the Channelside District for those of you familiar with Tampa). Their attempt at a quickie wasn’t quick enough, however; other ladies waiting to use the bathroom got a little irritated at having to stand around for over 15 minutes, and a fight ensued. Thomas gave one of the complainers a knuckle sandwich, which subsequently brought a crowd, bar management, and police to the scene.

Now I have no problem at all with a little public naughtiness; sex should be adventurous sometimes. However, if you’re going to get up to such mischief, you must be big enough to laugh off the shock and anger you generate in others. Keathley and Thomas should have both straightened their skirts, touched up their lip gloss, and walked straight out of the stall into the bar, grinning the entire way. Indignant looks are easy to ignore, especially when you just got some.

Instead, our little hotheaded hotties threw punches at other bar patrons and gave the police a hard time when they arrived. The result: A media circus for the Panther’s cheerleading squad and lots of embarrassing publicity for the two of them to return home to.

Look for the Panthers to handle this quickly and without mercy, especially after the Viking's recent "party boat" scandle.


Update: Even though the alleged sex had nothing to do with the charges filed against Thomas or Keathley, the former is now denying that there was any sex. I suppose it is quite possible that two drunk girls in a bathroom stall, one of them perhaps getting sick, could look like sex to witnesses who couldn't really see what was happening. Either way, I thought her denial was worth an update.