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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

BPCP Update

The Blogosphere Political Compass Project has been updated. Go to the BPCP permalink page for a complete list of participants and links to their sites.

BPCP Chart for September 2005 Posted by Picasa

New to the BPCP in September 2005:

272 Abe of Don't Let Me Stop You (7.6, -1.8)
273 fmragtops of Fmragtops Spews (5.3, 1)
274 Pete of iHillary (4.3, 0.5)
275 The Artist of The Art of the Blog (8.1, 0.3)
276 Tad Babbert of Chronicles of the Knights Simplar (6.5, 0.5)
277 Pamela of Atlas Shrugs (8, -1.2)
278 Tommy of Striving for Average (0.6, -0.4)
279 Everyman of Everyman Chronicles (5, 3.6)
280 Katelyn Sills of Stand Up and Speak Out (1.3, 1.1)

Sorry for getting to this so late, but the first week of October was really busy. Anyway, all caught up now.

Peace, yo. *Flashes gang sign*