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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Serenity Press Pass!

Some of you might know I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan. Serenity, which is a big-screen continuation of the story he began telling in the canceled Firefly television series, opens next weekend. I caught a preview of it back in April; reader and good friend Cartagia managed to secure us tickets to a screening of the then-unfinished film by obsessively lurking around Whedon’s Can’t Stop the Signal web site.

Mal (Nathan Fillion) and Jayne (Adam Baldwin) Posted by Picasa

Well, other reader and good friend Puppy Pincher – never to be outdone by the likes of Cartagia – e-mailed me a townhall.com story announcing press passes for bloggers to the more-traditional media screening to take place a few days before release. I applied and managed to get on the list, so it looks like I’ll get to see (and review) the completed film next Wednesday. The last time I had press credentials I was in college, working for The St. Petersburg Times as a News Clerk; my job required it for access to events, government buildings, and our own oft-bomb threatened offices. I just can’t wait to breeze by a horde of you non-credentialed civillians again … no waiting in line like a sucker for me!

Anyway, me and my giant ego will still be going to see Serenity on opening night and at least once more (probably on its second weekend). I advise – nay, implore – all you fans of Firefly, Whedon, or just good sci-fi to do the same. It’s a great movie, but it will need some help to earn enough for Universal to greenlight the two sequals Joss has planned. Go once on opening weekend, and then go again the following weekend to help keep those numbers up.

I’ll be right there with you, even if I have to wait in line.