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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Status of the Zoo

This is just an update about what's going on with The Zoo; I thought it'd be good to go ahead and mention the elephant in the room.

Since the elections back in November my heart really hasn't been into keeping up with a blog. They are a lot of work - more than most people think - and if you're not getting paid for it you need some other sort of motivation. When I started The Zoo that motivation was to do my meager best to counter some of the shrill leftist nonsense we were hearing about The War on Terror, and about Iraq in particular. It was also to help show that there are Classical Liberals ("libertarians") who were voting for President Bush, and to try and sway other moderate and independent types to support his candidacy.

Well, President Bush won. After the elections I found that I just didn't have a lot to say; it was nice to not have to care what Michael Moore was braying about anymore. I tried to shift focus, to make The Zoo more about games, movies, science, and other tidbits of geek culture, but I've since discovered that I'm only moved so far towards writing on such topics. More often than not, I simply don't care enough about the new FPS game from EA to spend a couple hours writing a review. Posting has now fallen off to an average of about once a week, not counting BPCP updates and whatever krakatoa submits. I don't see this changing for the forseeable future.

My purpose in posting this is simply to acknowledge that The Zoo is no longer a daily (or even a three-times-a-week) blog. It is now weekly or even semi-weekly. That is simply the amount of time and effort I'm willing to commit to it right now.

I can tell you for certain that:

1) BPCP updates will continue. Even if I don't feel like writing at all and nothing else gets posted all month, there will be a BPCP update on or around the 15th. I think the project is interesting and valuable, so I fully intend to keep up with it.

2) The Zoo will never be abandoned altogether. I enjoy writing it as an online journal if nothing else, so you will always find a few new posts here each month. Sometimes it might be two or three in the same week ... other times several weeks might pass between posts. It will be random overall, but will probably average out to one post a week, plus BPCP updates, plus anything krakatoa happens to write for us.

3) When the 2006 election season starts winding up, you can bet I'll start posting more.

So, there it is. It's not really anything you guys didn't know, but I thought explicitly stating where I'm at would be the right thing to do. As always, I encourage those who need a blog fix to visit those listed on my sidebar ... even if posting is thin here during the political off-season, there's plenty going on over at the neighbor's place.