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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Some scribblings I enjoyed today

Eve Gerrard posits on Root Causes, and essentially tells us what our parents told us innumerable times: Life isn't fair. (H/T RogerSimon)

Ace moves me to tears in his Farewell to Scotty: Elegy For A Chief Engineer

Ace was on a serious roll today with the funny. Scroll through the whole day for great observations like

Good Heavens, the guy is a sexual Superman. I can only hope that ten of the fifteen minutes is just foreplay-- you know, stuff like making character sheets for each other and rolling your saving throws against sexual dysfunction. Normal sort of sex-play like that.

Rumors are flying in DC that when the kid sees a cookie, "he goes absolutely ape-shit." Seriously, he's worse than pre-diet Cookie Monster. I'm telling you, I wouldn't want to be between that kid and a Fig Newton; you'd be taking your life into your hands. He's like a pre-pubescent Teddy Kennedy-- someone's going to wind up dead because of this kid's killer-crazy Newton habit.