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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Who's Dumb Now, Smart Guy?

Here's a CNN article detailing John Kerry's recently-released college grades, along with President Bush's. It's obvious now why Kerry didn't want them made public during the election: They show that, grades-wise, he is no smarter than George W. Bush. For someone who basically ran his campaign on an "I'm not the dumb redneck" platform, maintaining airs of intellectual superiority was critical. But it turns out that he, like the president, was an average student (although both were students at a notoriously tough university ... being "average" at Yale would probably put you on the honor roll at most state schools).

Anyway, one more liberal myth laid to rest. Either President Bush isn't quite the dummy they like to make him out to be, or Senator Kerry is. One or the other, kids ... you can't have it both ways. The truth is that neither are dumb - you don't get into Yale at all if you are - but I look forward to watching the hardline Bush-haters now try to justify their support of a candidate no brighter than the man they loathe so much. The facts here were obvious to many of us from the very beginning; it's the ethical contortions of the willfully ignorant that have been and will continue to be interesting.