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Monday, March 07, 2005

Staring into the Abyss

Bill @ INDC noted in a series of posts that the Religious Right (as opposed to the Secular Right or those on the Right whose faith isn't the driving force behind their politic) does possess the capacity to short-circuit the Conservative movement, beginning here, then following up here and here. If you have the time, read the comments for lively and often eloquent debate.

I have to say, I definitely find the attitude by many of the Religious Right to be bordering on the exclusivist "my way or the highway" approach that is in ascendancy on the Left. Witness the echo-chamber atomosphere of the Daily Kos or the Democratic Underground.

I sincerely hope that they are in a distinct minority with no real power to manipulate policy, because what Brent Bozell has just written is nothing less than a fundamentalist's call-to-arms against non-believers entitled NBC flushes the sacred.

"Not just Catholics, not just Christians, but anyone who reveres God should be outraged"

Very nice. So now it's Us against Them, with Us being anyone who believes in the Christian god (and yes, as an agnostic, I use the small-g often), and Them being anyone who does not.

"Mocking God isn't funny. It's evil."

Thank you so very much Mr. Bozell, for neatly labeling people such as myself as evil. You have just put yourself on the same plane as Howard "it's a battle between good and evil, and we're the good" Dean. Granted, it's not quite as far as Islamofascists sawing off the heads of infidels. But how big a step is it really, from labeling someone as an evil-doer, and acting against those offenders who don't share your beliefs.

The sad thing is, Brent Bozell has served a useful purpose in highlighting the bias in Media. He has taken that hard-earned capital, and used it up completely (as far as my continued reading of his column goes anyway) with this extremist screed against a sit-com.

That's right. A sit-com. A freaking show on tv that by definition is NOT a reflection of real life. A farce. A satire.

I haven't seen the show in question. I don't watch much tv anymore. But I suspect that I would have been amused by the episode.

To the stocks for me, eh Mr. Bozell?

We are witnessing the demise of the Democratic Party. It has been overcome by a determined minority of intolerant purists.

The Republican Party could soon follow if people like Brent Bozell are given undue influence.

Being a conservative means in part being resistant to change, which I often am. If something is working reasonably well, I do like the precictability of the existing system and I have over the years come to believe our 2-party system is the best thing going. If both parties are overtaken by extremists, the survival of the U.S. as a nation united could well depend upon a strong third party.