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Friday, March 25, 2005

Illegal Immigration: The Next BIG THING

Some pundits have suggested the Terri Schiavo controversy will drive a wedge into the Conservative movement.

I agree with Jay Reding's opinion. I don't think the Schiavo case is a deal-breaker by any means. It is a focal point for high passion, but I don't see it creating any real and lasting breaks in the disparate groups who have voted for Bush's policies.

I think Bush's policies on immigration could have that effect though.

I am as amazed as any that we haven't had a terrorist attack within America since 9/11, and have no problem crediting Bush with a lot of that by his taking the battle to the enemy.

If we do have another attack, and it is done by terrorists who have crossed our borders illegally, the backlash against the current Republican commitment to loose borders will be enough for them to lose control of the White House and Congress.

All it will take is for Democrat challengers to make the case for strong defense abroad AND on our borders, incidentally a position Hillary has been moving towards, and the Conservative resurgence will be broken.

And Rightfully so. I simply cannot understand President Bush's blindness on this issue. His characterization of the Minuteman Project in Arizona as vigilantism is so far off the mark of their stated goals and procedures as to descend into the realm of demagoguery for the sake of pandering to Hispanics.

I'm no fan of Bill O'Reilly, but he has put together an online petition on this issue. Please sign up here.

I think a comment from Strangelove on the topic at Little Green Footballs puts it at its succinct best:

If we are attacked again, and it is proven they slipped in through Mexico (most likely due to racial characteristics)..Bush will be looking at serious impeachment threats from both sides of the aisle, and rightly so.

We re-elected you George, now do your goddamned job.