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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

BPCP Update

The Blogosphere Political Compass Project has been updated. Go to the BPCP permalink page for a complete list of participants and links to their sites.

BPCP Graph for March 2005 Posted by Hello

As everyone can see - especially if you look at the main BPCP page - this update was huge. The biggest one we've had, ever. Part of the reason I haven't been posting is because I've been spending my blogging time updating the spreadsheet and chart for the BPCP ... the other is that we've been very busy at work opening a new training center, and I just haven't had time during the day to pop in and post stuff like I used to. We're just about finished over there, though, so I hope to get back to posting two or three times a week pretty soon. Thank heavens karakatoa has been so loquacious recently; he's just about been running the place by himself all month and deserves a pat on the back.

*Pats krakatoa on the back*

Okay then. Hope all is well with you fine readers, and by next week you should be seeing more of me.