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Sunday, February 06, 2005

These are Patriots?

Not everybody is prepared to live their political values, but these are people who are," said Jason Mogus, an Internet entrepreneur in Vancouver whose communicopia.net offers marketing services for progressive companies and nonprofit groups, and whose canadianalternative.com is often the first stop for Americans eager to learn about moving north.

Wrong Mr. Mogus.

Most people in this country absolutely do live according to their political values. Not values so narrowly and divisively defined by the labels Democrat or Republican. Rather, those broad and encompassing values as outlined by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Those values that made the citizens of the United States of America unique in the concept that We the People are ultimately responsible not only for our own lives, but also for the direction our country moves.

In order to retain the awesome responsibility of self-determination, you have to be willing to live up to it. You do that by participating in our great society: We continue to work our jobs even when we disagree with our current administration so that we can fund our society with the taxes we pay. We recognize the rule of law which provides the structure by which our society maintains its stability.

And YES, we live according to our political values in that we vote regularly to ratify or reject the people who have the brass to throw their lives into the arena of elected office and then, win or lose, we continue to set our goals high and refine our message.

These people, these very few naifs who leave for more sympathetic habitats north of the border, have decided to abdicate their responsibility to their country simply because the rest of us, the majority of us, refuse to subjugate our broad value set to the pet causes they pursue with intractable obsessiveness.

Please. This is hardly the stuff of patriotic legend. Ok, maybe in a an effete, emotional, and pathetically impotent way; French Canada will certainly approve. But come on, it is hardly representative of the finer ideals we Americans have a rich history of embodying. Love or Hate him, compared to these self-made martyrs, Michael Moore is truly a fine example of a citizen. At least he is sticking around to fight the good fight in the marketplace of ideas, unarmed though he may be.

So really, it's perfectly fine by me if these delinquents want to take their balls and go home. Quite frankly, We the People of America don't need them.

We have a healthy set of our own.