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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

On Patriots and Moonbats

Fellow blogger Chris Ness of FlashBang arrived at the MCRD in San Diego about 10 days ago, and started Boot Camp last week; you can find his farewell post here, and updates from his girlfriend here, here, and here. It sounds like things are moving along smoothly for Chris – aka Metallica Rat – and that he is well on his way to becoming a Marine. Normally I change out anyone on my blogroll who quits posting for more than a couple weeks, but in this case I’m perfectly willing to make an exception. FlashBang will continue to be updated – however irregularly – by Krystal anyway, so there will usually be something to read on the other end of the link.

Best of luck to Chris. Godspeed, brother.

Of course, for every brave young person willing to put his life on the line for his country, there is also a dumbass moonbat college professor willing to spit on the graves of the fallen. It seems that Ward Churchill – who compared the 9/11 victims to Nazi Adolph Eichmann while praising the terrorist’s “gallant sacrifice” – has quit his post at the University of Colorado. He cites “the current political climate” as his reason; it’s all the evil Republikkkans fault. Gee Ward, it wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that your crackpot ideology is vomitously repulsive to nine out of ten people who aren’t a radical Islamist, would it?

Actually, you know what? That’s fine. Blame it on the political climate. If said climate is noncondusive to calling innocent victims “Eichmanns” and terrorists “gallant”, that’s just 100% okey-dokey with me. I’m happy to have helped vote that climate into power, in fact. I also think it’s great that we let terminally foolish, morally bankrupt jackasses like Churchill say whatever they like; the far left are revealed as liars whenever we show our respect for dissent (even if it’s dumb-as-a-bag-of-hammers dissent). And it never hurts to know exactly which campuses guys like this are creeping around on anyway, so we can all make sure not to send our kids there.

Churchill. Note the hip revolutionary hair! (AP photo) Posted by Hello

Keep talking, Ward. I’m sure Michael Moore is on his way to make a movie about you already … I hear he had lots of film left over from his “policing the voting irregularities” piece last November.

And hey, traffic on this site has jumped by about 120% over the last couple weeks. Anyone know what’s up with that? Did someone semi-popular blogroll us? Or has everyone just finally realized how smart me and Krakatoa (but mostly me) are?