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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Climate debate: How to achieve a "Consensus"...

Easy! Just conveniently leave out of the debate those who disagree with you.

Environment Canada scientist Henry Hengeveld said Patterson is commenting on matters outside his field.

Hengeveld goes on to say for a paleoclimatologist to opine on the climate is like a "dermatologist comenting on the diagnosis of a neurologist...and really being out of his depth."

Not only is this contemptuous remark beyond the pale in terms of ego, it also happens to be, well, incredibly stupid.

I can see this is the guy that misses all the trick questions on the SAT.

Paleoclimatology is to climate as
A: Cosmology is to astronomy
B: Geology is to rocks
C: All the above
D: Bushitlerchimp is eeeevil.

So let me get this straight oh wise one. The study of the historical ebb and flow of climate change isn't significant to determining the effects and causes of contemporary climate variances?

This is post-modernism in action. Forget yesterday. It doesn't matter. They only thing that's real is how I interepret the world today.

At least he unwittingly admits his own weak position: Hengeveld said climate science is a complex area with thousands of papers being produced, and it is easy to "cherry-pick" the papers that support a particular view.

Amen, brother.

Now, call me crazy, but what exactly is it that heats this place anyway?


The Sun maybe?

What's this crazy Dane gibbering about here: Climate changes over the past century coincide with Solar Activity.

Oh, right.

D: Bushitlerchimp is eeeevil.

Link found on Lucianne.