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Friday, January 14, 2005


The crowd goes wild. I guess we should let the ESA do their end zone dance for this one; Huygens scored big. Let's just hope they don't pretend to ... uh, moon the fans, because I don't think they can afford the $10,000 fine.

Artist's Concept of Huygens' Descent Posted by Hello

This is the last time we'll need an artist's concept to visualize Titan. In a few hours, we'll have pictures - pictures! - from the surface. Astronomy geek heaven, I assure you.

Let's just hope we didn't teach a bunch of methane-breathing Titanian Brain-Suckers how to build interplanetary spacecraft. Because if so they'll be here in a matter of hours and their invasion will be unstoppable. Unstoppable, I say!

More as events develop.