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Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Liberal’s Revolution

The Painkiller review will have to wait; this story is just too good to put off (and I could use another hour or so of playtime to finish all of the game’s demo material anyway).

As we all know, President Bush will be inaugurated next Thursday, January 20th, 2005. The President was re-elected last November – when he handily won the Presidential race by three million popular and 35 electoral votes – so this inauguration is seen as a bit anti-climactic by a lot of Bush supporters (we won our battle a couple months ago; everything else is just mop-up). I’m not saying we won’t be happy and that we won’t cheer, because we are and we will. But the relief and euphoria wore off for us around mid-November, and it’s been back to business ever since.

The loony left, however, sees the inauguration as one final chance to bleat meaninglessly at us before retiring to four more years of political obscurity. Ordinarily I’d say fine, let them throw a few eggs at Bush posters and whine long, loud, and clear about their civil liberties being taken away (and completely miss the irony in it, too). But then I read this article off the AP wire.

It seems that some of the real left-wingnuts, those masters of cardboard-sign revolution, are going to once again do what they do best: Organize protests. David Livingstone, a Detroit Democrat who is putting together a no-buy, no-work nonobservance on Inauguration Day says "I view the inauguration of Bush as a black Thursday for this country." Buddy Spell of New Orleans calls it "The Death of Democracy", and he’s organizing a mock funeral procession. These activities and others are supported by a number of groups across the US who "hope to see several million people eating brown-bag lunches and dinners on Inauguration Day".

Okay, let me get this straight: "Black Thursday" is upon us and your defense against this incoming nightmare regime is to take a day off of work and refrain from using your Visa card? It’s the "Death of Democracy" – the end of America as we know it, if my definitions of those words are correct – and the best Mr. Spell and his brave band of leftists can manage is a mock funeral? These people are honestly telling us that freedom is gone, American democracy is dead, and tyrants occupy all the seats of power in Washington - and the liberal counterattack is to eat out of a brown bag instead of stopping off at Tiffany’s for grapes and baked brie?

Pardon my vulgarity, but are you fucking kidding me?

Thank God, YHWH, Allah, Vishnu, Buddha, and Zoroaster we won last November. Thank Zeus, Amon, and the Goddess that these latte-sipping bean curd nibblers aren’t the ones protecting us against real tyrants. Praise Luna and Sol and Gaia for defending us from these socialist, transnationalist, elitist intellectual cowards. I swear on all that’s sacred, three million votes was too close.

Time for a reality check from Uncle Sandor: American democracy has never been move vigorous. If it were really dead, liberals wouldn’t have voted – and subsequently lost – on November 2nd. They would have been too busy in the Texas Work Camps, pumping oil to make Halliburton richer. If America was an actual police state (instead of a nation with broad and well-functioning civil liberties protections) Mr. Livingston wouldn’t be running his propaganda web site and deciding if it’s going to be Mochachino or Espresso this afternoon. He’d be rotting away in the Detroit Gulag, home to all Mid-Westerners who dare to dissent against Emperor George Bush II.

These people are goddamned lucky their rhetoric is just that and nothing more. If the best you can muster up when faced with the death of democracy is to take a sick day and not buy any new Yanni CDs, then dissidents lined up along the roadway waiting for a bullet to the back of the head is surely just around the corner. If it really is Black Thursday and all you do to stop it is keep your credit card in your wallet, chances are excellent someone will be in a concentration camp very, very soon. If tyranny comes to America in the dark of night and you do nothing to stand in its way but march in a pathetic mock funeral, you will be as guilty for the result as if you had held the door open for the jackbooted thugs yourself.

Thankfully there’s not much reason to worry about all that here in the real world (at least not for the time being). And do you know why? It's not because of the David Livingstones and Buddy Spells. It's not because of the Michael Moores or Noam Chomskys or Barbara Striesands either.

It’s because of us.

It’s because if American democracy were really dying, if tyranny had actually come to this great nation, the Pat Tillmans and Bill Whittles would be doing something about it. There’d be folks like Mike and Joe running underground high commands in Raleigh and Wichita and Eugene. There’d be Moxies and Jonah Goldbergs flying upside-down American flags and marching in the streets day and night. There’d be Serenities and Rockynogins raiding National Guard armories for weapons and ammunition (and most of the National Guardsmen would help them do it, too). And there’d eventually be a hundred million Kim Du Toits encircling Washington DC, demanding that the halls of power be emptied of tyrants and the Constitution of the United States of America be restored.

You're not sticking up for democracy, David. We are. And you and the rest of the far left are nothing but a damned millstone around our neck.

Livingstone and Spell are jokes. Living, breathing parodies of everything that is broken and weak in liberalism. At best they are akin to spoiled children, pouty-lipped and shouting how they’re going to take their ball and go home because they lost again (fine, take your deflated pigskin and beat it - we’ve got plenty of balls over here on the right). At worst, these guys lack any shred of moral courage and don’t very much believe in what they’re saying ... my guess is it'd be more of the latter than the former, but either way I’ve never been happier that George W. Bush will be our President for four more years.

Next Thursday I'm going to go fill up my tank with gas, stop by the grocery store, buy a couple books from Amazon, make my monthly donation to Spirit of America, and pick up a new compact stereo from Best Buy. It’ll be an orgy of consumption, and I’m going to dedicate it to David Livingstone and his simpering gang of crybaby leftists. I encourage all you good readers to do the same.

Congratulations, President Bush. Go get’em.