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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The "Who Fights?" Redux

Earlier in the Fall I posted a short essay called Who Fights?. My friend Chris O'Connor, owner of a book discussion community called BookTalk, posted it to his forums a couple weeks ago to stir up some discussion amongst his sites left-leaning members.

He had some success.

This is the thread in which Who Fights? is being discussed. The leftists came out in force to attack it, some of them making the kind of wacky assumptions and accusations you'd expect from people who believe the "Dear President Bush" internet rumor is a brilliant and original stroke of political insight (for the record I largely agree with the sentiment, it's just way overused and plagiarized all to hell). On the second page of the thread I mounted a brief defense of my essay and responded to a couple of the more lucid points, but I didn't want to get dragged into a slanging match with a bunch of Chomskyite liberals who will, in the end, just call me Uncle Tom and ignore anything that doesn't fit into the Berkeley worldview. Anyway, it's there if you're interested.

BPCP update tomorrow.