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Friday, December 03, 2004

This Modern Zoo

Alright, alright! I admit it! It's time I broke down and got a cell phone. Actually, it's time I broke down and activated the cell phone I already have ... the thing's been sitting in its comfy little case on my desk for the past two weeks.

What brought all this on, you ask? Why, a morning-show contest on one of our local radio stations did.

Every weekday, the morning deejay on 101.5 asks The Nearly Impossible Question. Today it was "What word did we look up the most in 2004?". As you can imagine, I was yelling "Blog! It's blog, you frickin' clueless morons!" every time someone called in and guessed "bloviate" or even, ironically, "ineptitude". There I was, a blogger who had just yesterday blogged about the answer to this question being the word "blog", and I had no way to call in and show everyone how smart I am. For want of a working cell phone the prize money was lost.

Even more than the $100 - which would have turned a couple good Christmas gifts into great Christmas gifts - would have been the opportunity to give out The Zoo's address on the air ... I'm sure I could have worked it in there somehow. There's no advertising like free advertising. Anyway, the cell phone is getting activated over the weekend; the next time life imitates art and offers a valuable cash prize, I plan to be ready.

Happy Friday, all.