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Friday, December 17, 2004

Do You Have a 250 mg Version?

Winter is a generally a rough time for me. I get lazy and irritable, and I'm even more impatient than usual with life's little unavoidable annoyances. I also want to eat too much, and I sleep poorly. All cold and low sun make Sandor a dull boy.

But not to worry! Reader Troy send us the cure for whatever ails ya:

And Coming Soon for Insomniacs: Fukitol PM! Posted by Hello

I wouldn't go so far as to say I need the 1000 mg prescription version, but a bottle of over-the-counter Fukitol tablets - 250 mgs, maybe - might be nice to have around. Just for those days when the sky is grey, the thermometer can't break 55 degrees, traffic is backed up onto the on ramps, and an old lady from Sheboygan has called your new cell phone for the sixth time insisting it's her daughter's number.

Grunt. Sigh. BPCP update to follow shortly.