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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Revolution is in the air, I tell you. Okay, maybe not revolution ... perhaps "simmering discontent" is more where I'm at as far as blogging goes right now. Certainly a lot of you have noticed the scarcity of posts.

Here's the deal:

With President Bush reelected, Iraq well on its way to its own elections next month, and Michael Moore / George Soros / MoveOn.org all busily choking down their share of humble pie, I just don't feel moved to write about politics anymore. Of course it still interests me - a lot - but I no longer have the need to contest every tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory and rabid Ted Rall cartoon that the looney left offers up. For the time being, I'm content.

I had seriously considered quitting the blog altogether; most readers would be surprised to learn how much time it takes to do this sort of thing. But, alas, I am a writer, and writers need to write. The Zoo is my primary creative and philosophical outlet right now, so giving it up would be folly. It'd also probably mean losing touch with some fine people I've come to know over the past eight months, and that would be even worse.

So instead of dropping the blog, I'm going to change it:

1) My main focus, for the next year or so at least, will be American art and culture, as well as interesting tidbits of geekdom. I will review books and movies. I will attend, drink too much at, and write about any art show, concert, or film festival within reach. And I'll play many new PC and roleplaying games, and I'll post about them all.

2) I'm finally going to join Blogcritics to put this site a bit more on the map. There will be at least three posts here each week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) but never more than four (the only additional post might be on Saturday, if I'm feeling particularly squirrelly about something).

3) The blogrolls will be both altered and expanded to reflect the change in The Zoo's content.

Some things, however, will remain the same:

1) The Blogosphere Political Compass Project will be maintained.

2) I suspect that krakatoa, when he posts, will often post about politics. I'll probably do the same from time to time; no one should get the idea that The Zoo is now a politics-free zone. I'm just taking a long, much-needed break from eight straight months of political blogging. You'll still see politics here, but The Zoo won't be about politics.

3) My alias shall remain sandor at the zoo.

I hope all this is okay with you fine readers, because it's what needs to happen. The other options are to quit outright, or keep posting some half-hearted crap once a week that I don't want to write and you don't want to read. Those both sound pretty lousey to me, and to be honest I'm really looking forward to this new era of non-political blogging. I wholeheartedly invite you to join me, and to comment or send an e-mail with any suggestions you might have.

A very Happy New Year to you all. Be safe during your festivities, and on Monday stop by and take a gander at The Zoo's new blogrolls and my first DVD review!