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Friday, November 12, 2004

Sweet Mistress EverQuest

This is frickin' awesome! With krakatoa posting all these interesting political and philosophical topics, I'm free to blog about mindless fluff. Tomorrow he will have an analysis of Post-Modern Literary Theory and its relationship to Transnational Progressivism; I'll post a series of Tyra Banks photos and entitle it Boobs are Great!.

So, EverQuest II came out this week. My roommates, in what can only be a concerted effort to ensure my soul is sold to Sony as quickly and cheaply as possible, actually put Best Buy coupons on my desk. By next week my ass will be all but cemented to that comfy desk chair, with my social life, exercise schedule, and work ethic slipping into the realm of distant memory. By Christmas e-mails will receive a dismissive and angry response: "How dare you interrupt me while I'm making the perilous descent into Innothule Swamp! Don't you realize I must slay this fearsome Will-O-Wisp to obtain a Greater Lightstone!?!". Spring will find me a shivering wretch, mind-melded to my PC and subsisting on a diet of Ramen noodles, coffee, and Winston Lights. By summer it'll be time for deprograming and rehab; if you guys really love me you'll reserve a suite at the Betty Ford Clinic through August 2005.

I've always believed that Marx's second-greatest blunder was his belief in "historical inevitabilities". As far as history goes, I'm probably right. But in the world of gaming, certain paths are simply destined to be trod by a nigh-infinite line of hapless geeks.

Once again into the breech, dear friends.