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Monday, November 08, 2004

News from All Over

Yesterday marked the beginning of the end for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi; the moment Prime Minister Allawi gave the go-ahead to retake Fallujah, al-Zarqawi became a dead man. There are those who believe his fate was sealed when President Bush won the election … I believe he still could have surrendered until the troops started moving in yesterday. Regardless, time’s up.

Outside Fallujah, 08Nov04 (AP Photo) Posted by Hello

To the brave Americans and Iraqis who are now charged with liberating that city from al Qaeda terrorists and Baathist insurgents, we wish you Godspeed.

Speaking of matters military, I can’t help but notice that Enjoy the Draft has not been updated since the election. One would think that our good buddy John Aravosis would be redoubling – nay, retripling – his efforts to warn young people about the draft, now that the man he accuses of wanting to reinstate it has been elected to another term. Yet there is nothing new on his site except a few forlorn comments by dejected liberals of the “woe-be-unto-you-conservatives-for-doing-this-to-us” variety. Could this be because John never really thought there was going to be a draft, and his site was just an attempt to scare young voters into the Kerry camp? Might Enjoy the Draft, having now outlived its usefulness, been abandoned by this leftist wretch like a rumpled Kerry-Edwards lawn sign?

Perhaps we should all ask John by e-mailing him, hmmm? Oh yes, I think that’s a fine idea.

And this story is back. Again. Let me be perfectly clear: I’m a staunch evolutionist. I am convinced by the available evidence that the theory is correct; you can look for a creator if you like, but if one exists you’d better be prepared for the fact that he works through evolution. However, hounding the creationists out of the conversation to the degree that you won’t even let them put a sticker on a textbook is, in a word, excessive.

50 years ago we had the Scopes Monkey Trial. Things were so bad we had to fight to get evolution taught in schools at all. Nowadays the creationists are relegated to putting stickers on biology textbooks – one completely devoid of mentioning God or religion, I might add. We’ve won. Let them have their damned sticker, fer chrissakes.

And lastly, brave young Patrick Holland is getting adopted. This is the kid who fought for about two years to be emancipated from his scumbag father … the man who murdered his mother. It’s over now, and 14 year-old Patrick can get on with his life, in a new family who seems to love him very much. Good job, kid. Well done.

Enjoy your week all, and remember to exercise. You’ll feel better.