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Friday, November 05, 2004

A few words of encouragement for my Liberal friends

I wrote this in response to a friend who voted for Kerry, and in his subsequent disapointment, lashed out at another friend of mine:

For what it's worth, whether you believe it or not, there are huge numbers of Bush voters who aren't religious, and who aren't sold on all his policies. Especially those secret policies Hollywood seems to have convinced themselves exist: We won't be allowing a Christian Conservative revolution with mandatoy prayer and round-ups of tree huggers and queers into concentration camps. The camps will be reserved for big-mouthed celebrities! :D

Part of that moderation however, requires that rational people on the left don't spin into bizarro land filled with bitterness, but instead work to retake their party from the Howard Deans and Michael Moores and meet us halfway. This will be accomplished with the calm presentation of ideas. The race-baiting, class warfare and Bush=Hitler hyperbole of the extreme left has no basis in reality, and no place in the marketplace of ideas. As long as that sort of stuff dominates the Democratic party, that party will not ever compete effectively.

If the Democratic party decides to escalate the hyperbole, and tries to block Bush at every turn, it will most likely have the effect of realizing it's worst nightmare. The American people want progress, not petty and juvenile screeching. If it sees that from one party, there will be a severe lack of voter turnout on the Democratic side. And you can bet that religious fundamentalists from the Right will try to fill that void. Power unchallenged always corrupts.

If the left moderates itself, and gives the moderates on the right a place to move to if/when the Right tilts too far, then the Democratic party will have fulfilled it's primary obligation as a political counterbalance, and nobody loses.

The biggest loser of all in this election was the MSM. Because of it's un-repentant and over the top bias, it has lost it's stranglehold on information. It is losing it's power to choose what news it subjectively determines is "Fit to print." People now have many viable options for choosing raw data, polished information or out and out spin if they so desire. Personally, I peruse sites for all 3, from both sides of the political fence in making my decisions, while completely shunning ABC, CBS and NBC. I occasionally watch PBS or Brit Hume on Fox, but I primarily get my information from the internet. I highly recommend it over any broadcast medium. When people make informed decisions, everyone is a winner. Because even if the result is counter to what you might personally like, at least you can be comforted that the result was carefully considered.

The biggest winner in the election, thanks in no small part to Kerry himself, is the American people. We have been pardoned a repeat of the juvenile 2000 antics, and have a president, like him or not, who has won both the Popular and the Electoral vote. The Right are vindicated in their faith in Bush, and the Left are freed (if they choose) of the crippling tactics of deligitimizing a sitting president, and can instead work productively on real ideas to compete with today's Conservative.