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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day '04

Congratulations to Sandor's mom on her convalescence!

Here we are. Only the first or second most important election of my lifetime, apparently to be decided by a handful of, um, undecideds.

Good God, how utterly depressing is that?

I suppose that's being simplistic and un-nuanced. The polls are missing vast legions of potential voters:

The Republicans have an enormous get-out-the-vote effort targetting evangelicals and the ever-elusive Sept. 11'th cell-phone democrats.

And of course, the Democrats have a similar effort targetting crack-heads, cartoon characters and cemetaries.

Links? Screw it... no time for links when I'm on dial up. We've all seen the stories anyway, right?

Good luck, everyone. This country is going to need it today.

The world is going to need it today.

This is a turning point every bit as big as the one we experienced in 1980.

Oh, and whichever way it turns out, here's hoping for it to actually be over without lawsuits.

VOTE everyone. You know you really care. And if you don't, vote anyway and pull the lever for Bush, 'cuz I sure as heck care. ;)


Count on Bill to say something substantive.

I don't agree with Mr. Whittle on all accounts however. He seems to think the 2000 elections were more important, owing to the decisive action taken by President Bush after 9/11.

I disagree:

This election is more important than 2000, if only for the reason that there is no question we know the stakes. We consciously decide this election the attitude the U.S. will take in the face of clear and present danger.

A Gore win in 2000 would have delayed action at worst. If he had won, and not gone after our attackers, you can be sure a Republican would have won easily today, as more attacks would have followed.

Bush's policies have apparently made us safer. That we haven't been attacked post 9/11 amazes me no end.

More importantly though, and most significant to today's election, Bush's policies have made our children's and grandchildren's lives safer, if, and this is a big IF... IF his policies are continued.

If they are abandoned today, the pendulum swings the other way, and future generations will pay a horrible price for our cowardice.