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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Anger Delayed is Anger Denied

Let me tell you, kind readers, that I wrote one hell of an angry rant last night and had it all ready to go for this morning. It was very, very personal - the kind of thing you'd be more likely to see written by the brash and wonderful Serenity than by me - but a couple hours of exercise and a good night's sleep allowed me to think better of it. As much as this is my space, you good folks don't come here to witness every last sling and arrow of my personal life.

So we'll leave it at this: Being excluded is a bitter thing, especially when it comes from an unexpected direction at an unexpected time. However, it's probably best that I write this particular incident off as mere thoughtlessness rather than rank, intentional duplicity. That's the highest road I can take and still remain in touch with the reality of the situation.

Now seeing as how krakatoa posted plenty for us to read today, I'm going to spend my blogging time on the Theistic Evolution essay I've had bouncing around my head these past few days. It should be up after lunchtime tomorrow.


And one hugely important post-script: Happy 229th Birthday to the United States Marine Core! Birthday wishes from Go Daddy can be found here; The Zoo echos the sentiment, and encourages all Americans wise enough to appreciate their freedom to raise a glass in salute to the fine men and women of the USMC.