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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Americanus Victricis!

Thank whatever gods there might be, it’s finally over … and we’ve won. Though about 48% of the country doesn’t feel like it, they’ve also won. They may never realize that such a thing is true, and most wouldn’t admit it even if they did; I doubt the isolationists and anti-war weasels went back to Roosevelt and Churchill after WW II and said “Gosh, you were right – defeating Hitler was the right thing to do.” But they were saved from the Third Reich right along with everyone else. Good for them.

We should be big enough not to gloat … too much. Trust me, there are one or two people who’s faces I’d love to rub in our triumph, but that would just be petty and small of me. Better to get on with the business of being elated:

John Miller of NRO has an interesting list of election winners and losers.

Frank J. owes us a happy dance. He’s soliciting song ideas; my submission is Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves. Not that I’m among Katrina’s many millions of fans or anything … I just think it’d be funny to make poor Frank dace to it. And it is a happy song for a happy dance. I’ll update this entry with a link as soon as Frank gets that posted. You betcha’.

Finally, Bill Whittle has a few words of exultation and relief that it’s easier to link to than write myself. Suffice it to say that I once again agree with Whittle completely. And do I detect a bit of foreshadowing from the blogosphere’s best right-of-center essayist? Could a certain book actually be on its way? Stay tuned you shall! Yoda commands it!

A couple big, long-planned essays later this week. For the rest of today, work – food – sleep.

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Congratulations, ya’ll. We did it.