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Monday, November 01, 2004

All is Resolved in Early November

Politically speaking, I feel like we’ve been pushing a car up a shallow rise for the past two years or so. I’m sorry I had to run home and attend to a sick family member just as we got to the steepest part, but family comes before country and there was simply no choice. What was supposed to be a 5-day hospital stay turned into well over two weeks, and there was a point about 10 days ago where things looked pretty grim indeed. But medical science – and Mom’s considerable constitution – held out and eventually won the day. She is doing much, much better now and should be coming home from the hospital later today or tomorrow … the long, twilight struggle of rehabilitation is still ahead of her, but at least she is here (and largely whole) to undertake it.

So, I turn my attention back to this car called victory and this hill called politics. I have heard much these past few days: Supporters of both candidates predicting a landslide win for their guy; supporters of both candidates hanging their heads in sorrowful acknowledgement of an inevitable landslide win for the other guy; the ardent hopes of honest people expressed in both poetry and prose; the dishonest, 11th-hour skullduggery of cheats and fools; and the exasperated groan of an exhausted partisan … “I don’t want Kerry to win, but more than anything I just want this to be over.” I know how he feels.

It’s common knowledge that I’m voting for President Bush tomorrow. Most people also know that I’m a registered Democrat, and that except for a brief stint as a Libertarian I always have been. That’s changing on November 3rd, though: Independence here I come. I’m done with party politics until one comes along that can keep a tighter rein on its extremists and doesn’t sideline good men like John McCain and Joe Lieberman in order to cater to such fanatics. Better to miss out on the primaries but keep myself free of entanglements with the nutjobs on either end of the spectrum.

Within 48 hours my Mom will be out of the hospital and our President for the next four years will be elected – as the big, bold letters say, much is resolved in early November. Rather than stating and re-stating lots of hopes and reasons, I leave you instead with a link: American Digest’s Fifty Reasons Why. Vanderleun states, quite eloquently with both words and pictures, why (hopefully much more than) half of this country is voting for George Bush. The first ten should be plenty for anyone who is patriotic, tough-minded, and intellectually honest … the other 40 need only serve to reinforce the point and shut the braying pie-holes of pasifist appeasers, seething America-haters, and plain old damned fools.

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And to my pagan friends: Happy New Year. May any gods that exist guide Americans to choose wisdom and strength over slick style and empty promises, here on the eve of history.


Update: MEMRI has a more complete translation of Osama bin Laden's recent "warning" to Americans. It seems that our favorite murdering jackass is trying to get folks to vote against President Bush after all. You'll never see this in the mainstream media; unlike Osama, they know very well what the American reaction to such a threat would be and who'll end up in The White House because of it. Hat tip to Bill Whittle of E3.