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Friday, October 15, 2004

Update on Mom

I just talked to my Dad; there is no phone in Mom's room (the Special Care rooms are no-noise areas) but I called the nurse's desk and one of them went and got him so he could let me know what's going on.

Mom is doing better today. She is awake and talking and even wants to try and eat some soup ... all good news. Her vision is still doubled, but that's normal when you have a large mass removed from that part of your brain; the effect should slowly fade over the next week or so. There is no paralysis at all, which is news I am thankful about beyond measure. So is Mom. They will move her to a regular room tomorrow, and then she'll be going home three or four days after that.

As for the operation itself, things went fairly well. The mass - or non-cancerous tumor, I guess you could say - was much larger than they first thought ... it was the size of a grapefruit. But the doctor got it all and there was no sign of cancer or anything. So, we're still a little worried around here - brain surgery is one of those things that is always a big deal, I suppose - but things look like they are going to work out. With some time and a little luck, Mom will make a full recovery.

Thank you to everyone who asked about my Mom and sent their thoughts and prayers her way. It is very much appreciated.