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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

On Hiatus until the Election

Lunchtime and evenings are generally when I blog … I know the posting times don’t reflect that, but that’s because I write the posts offline and then put them up when I have a few spare minutes. Right now lunches and evenings are either 1) time spent visiting my Mom, or 2) catching up on the things that I’m not getting to do because of time spent visiting my Mom. Work has also become a bit neglected with everything that’s going on right now, and that needs to end immediately.

So, I’m on hiatus until the election. On November 3rd I shall return to blogging, hopefully with a triumphant whoop of delight at President Bush’s victory. But for the next two weeks I need one less thing to worry about, and that one less thing is going to be The Zoo. Hopefully krakatoa will come by occasionally and post something, but he keeps his own schedule (and he just moved, too) so no guarantees there. For now I leave my readers with four items:

1) The writers of the Penny Arcade cartoon strip are once again doing the Child’s Play charity event. Gamers and non-gamers alike are asked to donate money and toys that will go to five different children’s hospitals across the country. Gaming stuff is the focus of the charity, but all toys and cash donations are welcome. Last year they raised over $250,000 for the Seattle Children’s Hospital; this year they have an Amazon wish list set up for each institution, which makes donating as simple as clicking a couple buttons.

If you’re a gamer, here’s a chance to prove there’s more on your mind than getting to the next level.

2) My first blogchild is born. The Man of foo! is an acquaintance of mine that I know through my roommates. He games with my D & D group too, and we’ve had occasion to discuss politics a couple times. He and I agree on fiscal and foreign policy issues almost completely … social issues, not so much. In any case, it was The Zoo that started him blogging, so whether it was intentional or not I have spawned a bouncing baby blog.

Go forth, my blogson, and bring me the head of Gore Vidal on a pike. Only then shall you be counted among the warriors of the VRWC.

3) The Zoo’s blogroll has been expanded from 10 to 15 links. I try to keep it short so that each blog listed there actually stands a chance of getting hit by my readers, instead of just being one of hundreds that everyone ignores. But with the removal of The Alliance blogroll there is plenty of room on the sidebar, so the “blogs of note” section is increasing by 50% … there are several I’ve been wanting to add for a while anyway. I recommend every site listed there very highly; get your blog fix at any or all of them while I’m away.

4) A BPCP update:

The Blogosphere Political Compass Project has been updated. Go to the BPCP permalink page for a complete list of participants and links to their sites.

BPCP Chart 20Oct04 Posted by Hello

The next update will be the one scheduled for mid-November. Keep the results coming in, especially you liberals … I know you’re out there, so let’s even up this graph a little, okay?

Peace everyone. May the third of November see my Mom largely recovered, President Bush re-elected, and me with, once again, time enough to blog.