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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Gmail and Good Thoughts for Mom

First of all, I have six gmail invites to give out. If anyone would like one, leave a comment or send an e-mail.

Now, much more importantly, my Mom is going into the hospital for her surgery early tomorrow morning. Longtime readers will probably know that she has a small, non-cancerous mass on her medulla (that's the part of your brain just above the spine). Like any brain surgery it is risky, but she has the best neurosurgeon in central Florida and at the tumor is thankfully (very thankfully) benign, so we all have high hopes she will make a full and speedy recovery.

I myself am not a praying person, but I'm certainly not above asking the universe for a favor on an occasion as important as this. Any other thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes directed to Sandor's Mom will be appreciated.

Blogging will be light or non-existent for the next couple days, but I'll try to stop by Friday with a (hopefully cheerful) update.