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Friday, October 08, 2004

Giants in the Sandbox

The Zoo is like my own little philosophical sandbox; I like to play with my ideas here, make them fight each other, and then trumpet the virtues of the strongest ... until I let a better one in that stomps the old heros flat. An ongoing cage match of memes, if you will.

Today I came across a discussion over at 2 Blowhards. To extend the metaphor I was using previously, it felt like I'd stumbled into a really big sandbox - an entire beach, perhaps - upon which giant ideas had gone to war. Courteous and high-minded war, but war nonetheless. Go read this post and the ensuing comment thread for a look at how the 140+ IQ crowd discuss corporatization, the failure of Soviet socialism, and whether or not Noam Chomsky is a communist and a traitor.

When I looked over the BPCP entry for his blog I had a feeling there was more to this Linus Gelber guy than met the eye; this is one liberal who bears listening to even if you disagree with him.

Hat Tip to Harvey of Bad Example.