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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Sacrifice a Virgin ...

... and He Won't Destroy Your Village!

I'm on vacation. Yay! Six days of gaming, boozing, shmoozing, and general whooping it up in Atlanta. A much-needed break.

I leave The Zoo in the capable, intelligent hands of Krakatoa, whom some of you surely know from his presence in Frank J.'s and Bill Whittle's comments. Krakatoa has shown himself to be a clear thinker - and he's quite level-headed in the face of screaming muckadoos - so I've invited him to guest blog for a while. I hope he decides to stick around even after I get back from vacation. Bring him nubile young women and he won't cover your pathetic huts in hot lava!

Have a great holiday weekend, all. If I can post pictures from DragonCon I will, but that might have to wait till next week. Peace.