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Monday, September 20, 2004

Monday Linkfest

Happy Monday all. I hope everyone's weekend involved something they'd be at least a little embarrassed to tell their grandmother about. I'm not saying one need have gotten arrested for running naked through the Library of Congress brandishing a machette and a bottle of tequila ... just have had enough fun to make the neighbors say "What the hell was that?" once or twice.

Speaking of scandalized neighbors, Moxie is back at the Moxotopia Compound ... one assumes her gay houseboy, Hispanic housemaid, bottomless martini glass (all fictional), and wonderful go-go boots (not fictional) are back as well. She actually started blogging again at the beginning of the month, but this is my first real linkfest since that happened so my "welcome back" link is belated. Well, better belated than benevered.

Her post linked above is rather interesting; it touches on the subject of liberal hypocrisy and prejudice ... something I find fascinating as well as irritating (though I should be over both by now). Notice how the muckadoo writing to Moxie is 1) completely unwilling to see any humor or satire in her work, 2) stereotypes wildly while complaining about stereotyping, and 3) quips meaninglessly about Mox's "anger" (see point one above) without enacting the slightest bit of control over her own.

For those far-left liberals who might happen by: It's still racism, prejudice, and/or stereotyping when you do it. And as someone who's lived on both sides of the fence, I assure you that way more of that crap comes from liberals nowadays than from conservatives. There are legitimate arguments to be made against the right, but more and more often such arguments don't matter to the far left. You people just hate conservatives, plain and simple.

Meanwhile, the guys at PowerLine have made the cover of Time. Well, "sort of", as Hindrocket says. Actually the Rathergate story made the cover, and the PowerLine bloggers are part of that story. I have to say that I find the incident's effect on the blogosphere more interesting than the incident itself. Now don't get me wrong - I love seeing Rather's left-slanted news team with an entire dairy case of well-deserved egg on their face - but it ultimately only proves what everyone already knew: Most of the big-name talking heads dislike President Bush intensely and their desire to see him unseated has made them sloppy.

The bigger story here, in my opinion, is that blogging has finally gotten some positive media attention. Unlike the Washingtonienne fluff (not a criticism, just an honest observation) the Rathergate scandal puts our best foot forward; PowerLine is a fantastic blog and Darwinian fact-checking is our medium's strength. Major Media is going to try to blunt the effect as much as possible by keeping the spotlight off the bloggers, but once a bomb like this goes off you can't put the explosion back into the casing. The next time a blog breaks a big story word will get out even faster, and even more readers will be brought in. And the next time will be even bigger than that. And so on.

Thanks, Dan!

Captain's Quarters is a blog that Krakatoa introduced me to with a post he made last week. Today they report that CBS might give its mea culpa before the end of the day. I wonder, as Captain Ed does, if some heads might roll (making it more of a tui culpa, actually). That someone screwed up is obvious. That Rather and his staff are deeply biased is also obvious. What remains to be seen is if CBS actually cares about any of that enough to do more than make a face-saving apology.

Lastly, some of you might have noticed that I changed the sidebar blogrolls. The Alliance blogroll has simply become too twitchy to keep posted; about half the time I opened my page it would hang at that point. Others have had similar problems, as I know Frank J. recently removed it from his site as well. I'm not complaining - NZ Bear provides that blogrolling service to The Alliance for free - I'm just letting you, good readers, know why things have changed. If anyone was really using that as a portal to other Alliance sites you can still get to them through The Alliance banner at the top of the sidebar; it's linked to the main Alliance page where all members are blogrolled.

Anyway, with the extra space I expanded the Sites of Interest section, and over the next few weeks I'll be featuring one of the new additions in each Monday Linkfest. This week's is SithVixen, the web site of an amazing costume creator, photographer, and model who frequents events like DragonCon. Those who enjoyed my photos of that event should go check out hers (use the "DragonCon Photos Click Here!!!" button on her front page). SithVixen makes amazing costumes, takes great pictures, and is a fellow geek (and she's pretty easy on the eyes, too) so I insist you guys go check out her site.

That is all. You may now return to suffering through Monday.