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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Monday Linkfest, on Tuesday

Ah, another day in paradise. Wind-pummeled, rain-soaked, insurance adjuster-infested paradise, but paradise nonetheless. We successfully weathered yet another hurricane; the house didn’t even lose power this time (I guess mighty Thor figured screwing us three times in one year was enough) but we did have to spend most of the day yesterday cleaning up. Hence the late linkfest.

Frank J. has apparently survived Jeanne as well, but they’re still without power over in his part of the state. The poor guy is posting from work when he can, but it looks like IMAO won’t resume a regular schedule until they get the juice flowing to casa de Frank. That could be days yet, so I recommend reading lots of classic IMAO: The entire In My World saga can be found here and my favorite, Frank Answers, is here. Note: Any advice given by Frank on the subjects of electricity, mathematics, or demonology is followed entirely at the reader’s risk; The Zoo cannot be held responsible for fires started and/or souls damned due to shoddy research by the IMAO staff.

With the state of Louisiana free of tropical weather this week, rockynogin has been working on a couple of interesting articles – here and here – about ugly politics. I’ve never understood people who mess with other people’s political signs or bumper stickers. It’s not as if folks are driving around, see a Bush-Cheney sign (for example), think “I’m convinced, I’m voting for Bush!”, then notice it has a question mark scrawled on it and shift positions: “Well, I was almost convinced, but now that I see the arcane and subtle vandalism that’s been done to the sign I’ll reconsider.”

On the back of my pickup is an Another Democrat for Bush bumper sticker. I can put it there honestly because I won’t be switching my party affiliation to “Independent” until after the elections. I know the thing gets people riled up – I’ve seen the evil looks I get from drivers bestickered with Kerry-Edwards slogans as they pass – but I have yet to have anyone mess with it. I assure all of you leftist vandals out there that anyone caught doing so will have their thumb broken in such a way that rainy days will, for the rest of their lives, remind them of exactly why you don’t touch another man’s truck.

Speaking of switching political affiliation, Brain Shavings links to an interesting article over at Chrenkoff. Until today I’d never done more than give Arthur’s site a cursory glance (there’s only time for so much blog reading, you know) but that’s going to change. In fact, the next time someone on my blog roll slides off for one reason or another, Arthur is getting the spot. I urge all of my readers to stop by his site and pay special attention to his Good News from Iraq section; it’s about all the hundreds of good things that happen in Iraq every day (which of course go unreported in the mainstream media).

Anyway, the article linked above is about how liberal firebrand Christopher Hitchens has found himself with some odd allies as his support for the War on Terror has grown. For anyone who, like me, has spent the last three years moving from the center-left to the center-right it’s a very interesting read.

And lastly, a couple quickies: Steven den Beste is looking into starting a new blog, this one purely about Anime. I’m not a fan of the medium, but I do have a couple close friends who love the stuff so this link is for them – and I promise I’ll eventually watch Ghost in the Shell. And there are soldiers who need more beer. This must not stand; soldiers should have enough beer to drown terrorists in instead of shooting them (if they want to ... I guess they could drink it too). I’m going to be giving $20 a month to this brilliant cause. All of you should as well, so go now!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled week, already in progress.