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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Ivan the Terrible, and Some Exoplanet Links

Okay, enough already. Three hurricanes in one season is plenty. One is plenty. Actually, none is plenty. Mother Nature doesn't seem to want to give us a break, however. Shoo, Ivan! Go bother the Mexicans.

Updates will follow.

Ivan's Predicted Path 8am Fri Posted by Hello

For those of you who found last week's exoplanet posts (here and here) interesting, I've listed below three of the best exoplanet sites on the 'net:

The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia is comprehensive, always up-to-date, and science-heavy. Those unfamiliar with astronomy might have a hard time here, as those who maintain the site use lots of jargon and technical terms without bothering to explain them. A fantastic exoplanet site, but perhaps a bit tough for the layman to decipher.

JPL’s PlanetQuest is run by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Like most of JPLs work, care is taken to explain "in plain English" as much as possible. Probably the best exoplanet site for those with a passing or casual interest. Drawbacks: The site is not always up to date and it's not as comprehensive as some others.

Extrasolar Visions is a non-professional site that is nonetheless amazing. Spectacular artwork accompanies many of their exoplanet descriptions, including schematics of each star system's layout. Updated often, and if they don't have an entry for something yet they at least link to The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia's description of it.

Enjoy, and comments and questions are welcome. Now I'm off to continue catching up on work. A BPCP update and the promised DragonCon photo essay are in the works.