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Monday, September 13, 2004

Help for Sandor, Ivan Goes West, and Monday Links

I've managed to get caught up at work, which deserves a "yay" or "woohoo" or something ... but I'm too worn out for such exclamations. But even better than being all caught up, we hired a new content writer today. It means I'm no longer the only professional writer employed by my company, which in turn means that not every memo, contract, and bit of web site content has to be written or edited by me! Woohoo!

Guess I had one in me after all. It'll be awhile before the new writer is up to speed, but if everything works out I'll be able to start concentrating on doing our new sites exclusively in a couple months.

Meanwhile, Ivan looks to be headed further west, perhaps as far as Louisiana or Alabama. I feel sorry for those folks - I genuinely do - but all I can say is "thank heavens it ain't us again". If I had to evacuate one more time I was just going to drive up to Tennessee and stay there.

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And some Monday links for you:

Andrew Sullivan has become more and more critical (read all of today's entries, at least) of President Bush over the last couple months. Now seeing as Sullivan is gay one would expect him to oppose Bush's stance on gay marriage and his support of a constitutional ban on such marriages (I oppose the President's policy on those issues as well). But Sullivan has always been supportive of Bush in the War on Terror in general and the invasion of Iraq in particular. To be fair, Sullivan is still clearly a war supporter; his rhetoric, however, is now decidedly critical of the Bush administration's conduct of the war. I'm the first to admit that there are problems - and a couple big mistakes - but I think Sullivan is going overboard when he says "... it is a mess with a potential to become a disaster."

Any war, I suppose, has the potential to become a disaster, but I think Iraq is still pretty far from it. I'd characterize it as "problematic with the potential to become a mess if care is not taken". I'm interested to know what other war supporters think.

Lastly, Mike of Cold Fury has a round up of articles about the (probably) faked documents concerning President Bush's Air National Guard service. Personally, I find the most convincing evidence to be 1) the line breaks (they are precisely where they would be in an MS Word document) and 2) the date on the documents being over a year after the "signing" officer left the Guard. Hopefully something definitive will come out on this in the next couple days. Interesting stuff.

Tomorrow I'll post the DragonCon photo essay ... I have the pictures but I've still got to sort through them and write some witty captions.