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Friday, September 24, 2004

Do beheadings condemn an entire people?

Another terrorist saws off the head of an innocent foreign contractor. The left is predictably in high dudgeon: "we brought this on ourselves" "we made things worse" "we never should have tried bringing Democracy to the Middle East"...

Savage events like this can make one wonder... are they right?

Certainly they are wrong in their claims that U.S. policies are to blame. Middle Eastern unrest has a history of thousands of years. European and Russian machinations there were far more invasive, hostile and causative factors in current events than the generally benign actions of the U.S. these past few decades.

It can be said, with absolutely no credible denial, that no country in the history of the world has done more in favor of Muslims than America.

The Left has only one truly compelling argument against the "Domino effect" that the Bush doctrine of pre-emption and installation of democrocies aims for. Interestingly enough, it is one shared by many on the "kill 'em all" Right, and it is the one that should scare us the most.

Are they right in their oft-repeated estimation that these people cannot be brought into the fold of civilized man?

If so, doesn't an affirmative to that question lesson our choices dramatically?

Afterall, if these people are savages incapable of cohabiting peacefully with those who do not share their beliefs, can we afford to allow them to continue to live. Can we afford to allow them to multiply in a world where chemical/biological/nuclear weapons technology is available at the click of a mouse button?

The choices of action when you decide that those "savages" will never rise above repressing and mutilating their women, and cutting off the heads of the kufr can been refined to this: Live, or Die.

To Die under this scenario means to give up on all that you have striven for, all that your parents, their parents, and a thousand years of social progress has created. It means spitting on the graves of those who created the world we live in today.

To Live under this scenario means literally exterminating a group of people from the face of the Earth, because isolating them from us in the 21st century is impossible. It means nuclear bombs, concentration camps, and an absolute and heartless campaign of eradication of a people, it's culture, it's religion, and any references to it historically that might corrupt future generations.

I would submit that it is morally unacceptable for us to decide that some broad group of people are incapable of civilized behavior... because the choices then might be too terrible to deal with.