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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry on Science

Today's main post is going to be a BPCP update, but I just wanted to drop this article in here for your consideration. In it, Bush and Kerry go head to head on issues of scientific import; the questions are posed by Nature.

Much of what both parties have to say is certainly just so much election-year posturing, but on the whole I found President Bush's answers more concise and satisfying. Remember that this is a man who I disagree with strongly on stem cell research; I consider Bush's record on science to be generally weak, in fact. But Kerry's answers to the questions posed by Nature are the same bland, don't-piss-anyone-off pablum he's been spewing his entire political career. More fence-sitting and nuance that ultimately stands for nothing at all.

Anyhoo, give it a read. Interesting stuff.