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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Back From the Lost City of Atlanta

Howdy kids! I'm back from my adventure at DragonCon 2004, and what a shindig it was! There was much drinking of whisky and beer, many new acquaintances well-met, and lots of interesting geek stuff to ogle and buy. Later this week - as soon as Puppy Pincher and Johnathan send me the pictures - I'll be posting a lengthy photo essay. Those of you who've never been to a media / popular culture convention like DragonCon will be surprised to see some of what's there, I assure you.

So, it looks like Krakatoa did an excellent job of keeping the political discussion rolling along while I was away ... a thousand thanks to him for minding the store. Hopefully he enjoys the medium enough to stick around for a while and make us all smarter with his posts.

I have a lot of work to catch up on today - I've been out of the office for almost a week - so normal posting won't resume till tomorrow or Friday (but I'll get the DragonCon photo essay up ASAP). I'll have more on exoplanets and my thoughts on Kerry's apparent slide in the polls ... and if I have time, an interesting piece about a European who's seen the frustrating, sickening downside of socialized medicine.

Great to be back! Talk to you all soon.