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Friday, September 10, 2004

The Apology Many Have Been Waiting For

Go read this. Right now. Here's an excerpt if my advice isn't enough to get you going:

As to apologizing, we will no longer wait for our religious leaders and “intellectuals” to do the right thing. Instead, we will start by apologizing for 9-11. We are so sorry that 3000 people were murdered in our name. We will never forget the sight of people jumping from two of the highest buildings in the world hoping against hope that if they moved their arms fast enough that they may fly and survive a certain death from burning. We are sorry for blaming 9-11 on a Jewish or right wing conspiracy. We are so sorry ...

Hat tip to Scott of Confessions of a Jesus Phreak.

Sorry for the light posting all week, but as I said the convention put me way behind at work. Plus it looks like there's yet another hurricane to prepare for. On Monday, random acts of weather permitting, I will get back to my regular posting schedule.