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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Tracking the Hacker

Earlier this week I posted about the hacking of ProtestWarrior's web site. Well, Kfir and the PW dev team have sealed the security holes used for the break-in ... and they've also managed to track the hacker well enough to be 95% sure who it is. Why do these anarchist computer dorks always assume that their victims are stupid and won't be able to strike back? Probably has something to do with being a poorly socialized shitweasel (and you guys can, if you like, follow Kfir's hunt for said shitweasel in this thread on the ProtestWarrior BBS).

Anyway, Operation Liberty Rising continues unhindered; when the anarchist hoodlums, socialist nutjobs, and anti-war knuckleheads show up to protest the RNC next week there will be a huge contingent of ProtestWarriors there to counter-demonstrate. Remember kids: The cure for too much free speech is more free speech. Best of luck, folks. Tell the truth and enrage an ignorant, dirty hippie for me.

No WMDs? The Kurds Disagree. Posted by Hello

That's about it for now (I have a dermatologist appointment this morning and a lot of work to do this afternoon, so posting is necessarily light). I would like to offer my sympathies to the families of the people who died on those Russian jetliners yesterday though, and a vote of confidence to Putin's government: When you get your evidence - and you will - go get the bastards. No mercy for the merciless.