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Monday, August 23, 2004

Protest Warrior Hacked ... and Monday Links

I am a member of ProtestWarrior. I'm not a big activist, but the ProtestWarrior cause is a good one (and a smart one, too) so I try to participate every now and then and throw a couple bucks their way when I'm able. Today I received this in my Yahoo mailbox (which is a throw-away account under a false name, of course):

Modern day Nazis pledging their obedience to the State and the platform
of state-sponsored terrorism - neo-fascist ProtestWarriors, you have
been HACKED by your friendly neighborhood hacker anarchist =)

Right-wing extremists are modern-day brown shirts who abuse and harass
activists who are fighting for social justice ...

It goes on and on like that for some time; there is an awful lot of rambling about how the War on Terror doesn't have anything to do with stopping terrorism, but is instead a secret evil plan to erode civil rights and build an empire. So our "friendly neighborhood hacker anarchist" apparently believes that 1) if you stand up for Israel you're a Nazi (Hitler would be so disappointed), 2) when leftists protest it's "fighting for social justice" but when moderates and conservatives do so it's "abuse and harassment", and 3) empires send money and resources to other countries. It must be a requirement that "hacker anarchists" fail every history and civics course beyond the junior high level; I suspect they skip such classes altogether, instead spending the time building a better tinfoil hat (shiny side out, guys!) or saving up for a deposit on the parent's basement of their dreams.

There's a lot more in that e-mail: Links to sites the hacker thinks are just anarcho-licious, instructions for e-mail bombing all the world's evil non-liberals, and personal contact information for ProtestWarrior's leadership. Standard hacker fare, really; the kind of stuff you amuse yourself with when you have no job, friends, or sex life. I'd be surprised to learn that ProtestWarrior wasn't expecting to be hacked at some point; their (er ... our, I guess) web presence is huge and the organization's wildly successful operations have drawn more leftist ire then Toby Keith and Gene Simmons combined. The attack won't stop Operation Liberty Rising in any case, and the ProtestWarrior members page reports that new security is being installed as I type this. By this time tomorrow we'll all be thanking "hacker anarchist" for a more secure PW site and a heap of new proof that the far left will stop at nothing to silence those who disagree with them.

Now let me propose a thought or two to all of those "fighting for social justice" alongside this pimply-faced, greasy-haired, would-be dictator of information: If a moderate, libertarian, or conservative group had made an attack like this on liberals, can you imagine the shrieking din that would result? The screams of "oppression!" and "censorship!" would be deafening, the condemnations of the perpatrators relentless. And yet here come avowed liberals doing their very best to hinder and hobble the message of the center and right. How can you claim to protect freedom of expression yet happily resort to dirty tricks to prevent those with opposing viewpoints from expressing themselves? How can you stand for civil rights yet be so blatantly bigoted against those you disagree with? The far left has clearly gone over the edge, becoming so fanatical and desperate that people like "hacker anarchist" are increasingly the ones carrying the banner of liberalism in this country. I don't understand how anyone with truly liberal ideals could even stand the presence of such people and their police-state tactics.

ANSWER's Answer to Signs They Disagree With Posted by Hello

There have been a number of things steadily driving me from the center-left to the center-right over the past five years. One of the most prevalent is this "freedom-of-expression-but-only-for-us" attitude that has been all but formally adopted by the left. In a sad and troubling irony, today's "liberals" have become precisely what they accuse everyone else of being: Oppressive, closed-minded, and woefully illiberal.

A couple Monday links:

Puddle Pirate of Brain Shavings reports on something interesting coming out of the Twin Cities. I largely stay away from Kerry-bashing because I don't think he's that bad of a guy (I just think he'd be a crappy president) but the "Christmas in Cambodia" thing does interest me. The media did indeed bury a story here, which I find irksome (at best) and so I'd love to see it debated. I have a feeling that the folks at Power Line are right, though; Jim Boyd doesn't sound like the type to actually show up at high noon with his six shooter. We'll see, I guess.

Puddle Pirate has also suggested that I find more liberals for the BPCP. I invited over a dozen in the initial pilot group but didn't get a lot of responses. Since then I've had a few from the left send in results, but not nearly on par with the center and right. I've considered asking Jesse and Ezra of Pandagon to help me out with a link - they seem sane and intelligent enough - but I'm loathe to link-beg. Another option is to wade into the DU - shudder - and post a request; that's a last resort though, and I'll need someone to promise to shoot me if I show up afterwards preaching the virtues of socialism and looking lobotomized.

Anyway, those of you who know some liberal bloggers please spread the word.

Lastly - apologies for the huge post, everyone - FlashBang has been added to my blogroll. Chris (aka Metallica Rat) is doing a great job over there and he updates regularly, so anyone who hasn't been reading him should start doing so now (I said now!). It looks like Chris is starting a new semester today, but he doesn't sound too excited. Word to the wise, Chris: American History thru 1877 ain't busywork. 1850 - 1870 is the most important couple of decades in American History - period - and except for the Teddy Roosevelt years they're my favorite to study. Learn that stuff well.

Okay, the post with gigantism is over. Happy Monday all!