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Friday, August 20, 2004

How About Some Good News ...

...instead of a filthy lie assignment? To be honest I just don't feel funny today; maybe it's from reading about a 7 year-olds murder first thing in the morning. Anyway, reader Puppy Pincher sends in this article. Here's an excerpt:

Since construction began two years ago on the proposed 720-kilometer fence in the West Bank, there has been a significant decline in suicide bombings - from 46 in 2002, to 17 in 2003. Since the beginning of this year, there have only been four suicide bombings, all of the them before the Yassin assassination.

So despite the leftist pants-wetting over killing terrorist leaders and constructing a barrier to keep out bombers, it actually looks like both tactics are working well. While the pacifists and transnationalists were busy wringing their hands over root causes the IDF went ahead and did its job (defending their country and killing its enemies - gasp!) and the result is a huge - nay, dramatic ... nay, near total - drop off in human bombs reaching innocent civilians.

Everyone who already understood that killing terrorists helps stop terrorism - note the clueful italics - may now go home and have a beer. Those of you who this is news to should go hunt down all of your high school history teachers and punch them in the face for robbing you of an education. Anyone who still thinks appeasement and whining to the UN is the way to deal with terrorists is hereby dismissed to the nearest MoveOn.org rally, where the pot smoke is thick, the bellies are yellow, and the average IQ is just below "duh".