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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Bouncing Baby of the Week: Leo

No vile enemy this week. Instead I present to you my roommates, Roy and Melissa, and their newly-adopted son, Leo. Leo is from Korea, and he likes teething rings, long naps, warm bottles of formula, and the fuzzy, stuffed football I gave him for his zeroth birthday.

Roy, Melissa, and Leo Posted by Hello

Personally, I suspect Leo is an advance scout for the Asian hordes that will one day destroy us all. Roy assures me we have plenty of time to brainwash him with apple pie, hot dogs, baseball, etc ... but I'm keeping a close eye on him anyway.

In other news, I'll be finishing up the BPCP update during my lunch break and it'll be posted sometime this afternoon. Also, I've decided to take a break from political blogging for a week or so; I just don't have a lot to say right now about the election, dimwitted liberals, Iraq, or the larger war on terror. I'm all talked out on those subjects and I don't want to force myself to write about them ... doing so will only result in crappy posts and worsening burnout.

So The Zoo is going to go lighthearted for a little while, with pictures, riddles, top ten lists, and other fun-but-inane blogging. Eventually I'll get my socio-political groove back (I always do) and you will once again find rants and analysis and letters to the editor here ... but until then, it's carnival days at The Zoo. Yay!