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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Blogging the Storm Out

I just knew we were going to get hit this year. The Tampa area is notoriously lucky when it comes to hurricanes; they pass south of us, north of us, or hover out in the Gulf for a few days and then wander off to Mexico. But I had a bad feeling when this hurricane season started. Why am I always right?

Charlie's Strike Probability Posted by Hello

It's not for sure going to plow right over Tampa - we might just get sideswiped as it hits Fort Myers or Hudson - but there's gonna be 100 mph winds and flooding regardless. For as long as the power stays on I'll keep updating The Zoo with posts from the storm zone (it shouldn't start getting bad until around this time tomorrow).

Now I'm off to stock up on water, batteries, and gasoline.


Update 2pm EST: Pinellas County - the coastal area just west of Tampa - has declared a mandatory evacuation of A,B, and C flood zones. About 350,000 people will be on the move this evening. We live in the B zone of Hillsburough county, so I'm expecting an evacuation order sometime this afternoon. We are not actually on the water though, so ours will probably be a voluntary evacuation. As we happen to be at the top of a hill (well, what passes for a hill in Florida) we'll probably stay unless it looks like Charlie is going to land right on top of us.