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Monday, July 26, 2004

The Zoo Schedule / Monday Linkfest

I like the idea of having certain days set aside for certain kinds of posting, so I'm going to try to stick to a generalized schedule from now on. I've been doing "Saturday Fun Stuff" since The Zoo's inception, and I've tried to use Mondays for linking to other blogs. The "Vile enemy of the Week" needs to be revived as well, so here's the tentative look of The Zoo's weekly lineup:

Monday: Monday Linkfest.
Tuesday: Vile Enemy of the Week.
Wednesday: No plan.
Thursday: No plan, but I'll probably follow up on the week's Vile Enemy.
Friday: No plan, but Friday will often be an Alliance Filthy Lie assignment.
Saturday: Saturday Fun Stuff.
Sunday: No blogging, unless something just excites me so much I have to post about it.

So, without further ado, here's Monday's links:

First up is something gleaned from this post at Cold Fury and this one from Andrew Sullivan. They both draw the same conclusion, which I agree with: When you've really lived in a police state - not an imaginary one like Michael Moore's distorted version of America - you have little patience for deceit and political opportunism. The Poles remember what real oppression is like, and are therefore far less likely to swallow Moore's foul bait.

Next, I see rockynogin has been having similar ideas about planning out his blogging. He's being far more specific than I am though; don't expect such TV Guide-style precision here. I'll be lucky if I can stick to the general schedule.

Best of luck to rockynogin's son, who is apparently going in for his surgery this week. Check in over there on Wednesday and Friday for news of how that's going.

Meanwhile, the most unfortunately-named libertarian blogger in the world is busily stringing along one of those African "bank account / wire transfer" con artists. I really hope the guy on the other end stays on the hook for a while; this could be fun. Michael's new design looks great, too.

And finally we discover that war protestors know as little about concentration camps as they do about police states. Michelle Malkin links to the article as well as some others, and while you're at her site you might also want to check out her Sunday Best post. Good news for Cox & Forkum, who were recently blogged about right here at The Zoo!

Happy Monday all. Have an extra cup of coffee and plunge ahead; it'll be Friday before ya know it.


Update: MSN Encarta has listed the top ten liberal campuses in America (presumably in honor of the Democratic Convention, which starts today). So that's where you send your kids if you want them to grow into young Stalins. Gamers should notice that the number one liberal campus is Bard College, making that institution just as burdensome and useless as the D & D 3.5E character class!