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Friday, July 30, 2004

More Moqtada

Well, this week's vile enemy made the news today in an Al Jazeera article. It seems the good cleric al-Sadr does not want Arab or Muslim soldiers serving as peacekeepers in Iraq. The article quotes him as saying "We don't want (Arab and Muslim) forces to shield the occupier because we don't want to see Muslims killed."

Moqtada al-Sadr (and henchman) Posted by Hello

Yes, Moqtada, we all believe you are enourmously concerned with the lives of your fellow Muslims. That is why you sent hundreds and hundreds of them to die fighting coalition forces while you hid in a mosque. Do you really think their families wanted them getting killed to "shield" the fat Imam from much-deserved arrest?

I think al-Sadr doesn't want Arab and Muslim soldiers in Iraq because it would force him to make a choice: Disband his simmering insurgency and face obscurity, or eventually fight other Muslims and be revealed as an equal-opportunity killer. He prefers to have infidels around to fight (or rather, send others to fight) because he can lie about us and kill us with impunity. In fact, there are many who will worship him for it. But the second he starts shooting (excuse me again ... the second he has other people start shooting) at Saudis or Pakistanis the aura of heroic resistance is stripped away, revealing him as just another power-hungry cleric with Muslim blood all over his hands.