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Thursday, July 08, 2004


I'm still spending most of the time I set aside for blogging - about an hour or so a day - working on the next BPCP update. I did go out today and collect some links I thought you guys might enjoy, though:

First of all, it looks like The Sicilian has quit blogging (there's been nothing on the other end of her link for almost a week). So, Ezra's Page of Reason will be replacing her on my blogroll. Ezra is very bright and he concentrates heavily on philosophy and religion, so when you get tired of politics and science here at The Zoo go give him a visit.

I'm way late on this one but it annoyed me enough to want to post about it (leftists are such classy, fair-minded folks ... ). Make sure you read the update.

And finally, Blackfive gleaned this tidbit - about France's latest bout of "nuanced" and "wise" concern for humanity - from the puppy blender himself. In the interest of being fair to Pierre I urge you to read the article first and then Blackfive's (spot-on) opinion of it.

That is all.