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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I'm Proud To Call You My Enemy

I: Foreign Press Gives Moore a Softball, but O'Reilly Comes Out Swinging

The foreign press just loves Michael Moore. Or, more correctly, they hate President Bush (and the ~150 million Americans who support him) so they lap up the anti-Americanism Moore vomits forth with great relish. Here is an interview with two of the foreign reporters who were not so impressed with the bloated buffoon and his fawning media jackals; it turns out that they wanted to ask some tough, pertinent questions (gasp! how dare they!) instead of just jamming their noses up his fat ass along with everyone else. Sheesh ... journalists acting like journalists. I'm surprised the WaPo editorial staff hasn't called for their heads on a platter.

Not everyone was softballing Moore, though. Bill O'Reilly finally got him and all six of his chins to agree to an interview; the transcript is here. Apparently, Moore has trouble with the difference between mistaken and lied. This is unsurprising; he also has trouble with the difference between documentary and propaganda. And his mealy-mouthed jabbering about "sending children" to die in war reveals that either a) he has a remarkably poor grasp of the situation, or b) he's manipulating his audience even now.

US Soldiers and Marines and not children, Mr. Moore, nor are they sent. They are all adults and they volunteer for duty knowing full well that the job is dangerous and difficult. Lamenting their loss is all well and good, but should be left to those who knew them, loved them, and appreciated their sacrifice. Your tears, O Corpulent Master of Deceit, have a distinct reptilian quality to them. The fact that you politicize the death of our brave troops is as disgusting as that immense wad of gut you carry around.

II: Misha On Aussie Threats and Kerry Appologetics

When Frank J. of IMAO isn't posting much for one reason or another I usually substitute The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler in my daily blog-reading lineup. They're similar yet opposite: Frank is angrily humorous while Misha is humorously angry.

In any case, Misha has posted about a threat hung from an Australian boat and the discussion it sparked over at the Kerry camp (when someone says "Improve world order, kill an American today" even Waffles will sit up and take notice). Misha concentrates largely on the difficulties those particular mariners might have in following through with that task and Kerry's fumbling attempts to appease such idiocy. He only lightly touches on something I find equally interesting, however: Are Americans really so reviled the world over? Even among our staunchest allies? And if so, by who exactly?

The answers are sort of, not really, and our enemies.

There are, without question, some countries where the majority of the population dislikes Americans. In those "nations" under the boot of radical Islam's 14th Century-style oppression I'd be surprised to find one person in ten who doesn't hate us. That might rise to two-in-ten in the communist world and three or four in Europe's pussified social democracies. But in our first-world allies - Britain, Japan, South Korea, Israel, and yes, Australia - America haters are actually a small minority.

Those first-world countries, however, are like America. They're free. So even seething leftist jackasses have the right to express their opinion, and sometimes that opinion is going to be witless poison like "Improve world order, kill an American today". That crap doesn't really bother me because I know the world has it's share of fools, and wisdom is not a prerequisite for free speech. We're never going to be able to make everyone happy and shouldn't try; screw the socialists and the tyrants and the pants-wetting pacifists. I'm glad such people don't like us.

Which brings me to my final point: It is right that many of those we're talking about here - from Michael Moore to Osama bin Laden to leftist Australian boaters - do not like us. The Arab dictators, bloody-handed Mullahs, Marxist dumbasses, and transnationalist peacenicks are not our friends. They are, by their very existence, anathema to everything for which America stands. When they carry vitriolic signs and rant anti-American bile it's because they hate and fear our power, prosperity, and freedom. They're horrified by our radical success in the face of their abject failure. When I see them get frustrated enough to screech nonsense about killing Americans for world order I know we're doing something right. I do not want to be well-liked by thugs and liars and criminals and cowards; I am their enemy and I'm glad they know it.


Update: I just discovered that Michelle Malkin has rounded up some other blogger's thoughts on the Michael Moore / Bill O'Reilly face off. The John Derbyshire quote is spot-on.