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Monday, July 05, 2004

Holiday Fun Stuff

Yes, I know that today isn't actually a holiday. But most of us blue- and white-collar shulbs have today off, so it feels like a holiday. In any case I missed Saturday Fun Stuff because I was busy with my Fourth of July festivities (or recovering from them) so I present you with it today instead.

First up is a collection of Shockwave games from Miniclip. All of these are fun but I think you guys will really like the "Bush Shoot Out" ... you get to help Dubya defend the Oval Office from terrorists. With an M-16.

Just click on the one you want to play and it'll open a new page for the game.

Game Removed, the flash player was causing display problems. Those who'd like to see it can follow the Miniclip link above.

Second item is my review of (and some links for) Atari's Temple of Elemental Evil fantasy RPG. Those of you who played Dungeons & Dragons years ago might remember that title; it was one of D & D's most famous adventure modules. Well, Atari has created a PC FRPG (akin to Neverwinter Nights or Final Fantasy) that is an excellent reproduction of that old gamer's favorite. Furthermore, ToEE uses the new 3.5 Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules (modified a bit for the PC but completely recognizable).

ToEE is over a year old now, but the reason I'm just reviewing it is because they finally got most of the bugs worked out with this patch. Some modders also have an additional patch here that fixes even more and adds some nice content. With the patches, ToEE is an excellent FRPG for the PC; the graphics are stunning and the content is extensive ... a casual player (someone who plays about 8 hours a week) will probably take about 6 weeks to finish it. There is good replayability too, because you can make your group any of nine varieties of good, neutral, or evil and each has different quests and goals.

At this point I'd recommend that anyone who wants to buy the game find it on eBay. You're still going to pay $40 or $50 in the store, which would be a waste for a year-old game ... I'm fairly sure you can find a used copy for half that.

So, happy belated Fourth. It looks like we all got through it without any terrorism (always a good thing) and now have a nice long day off to enjoy some games. Have at it, kids.